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When you receive energy healing you have the opportunity to connect with the universal energy of life, which according to tradition is known as Prana, Chi, Ki, to harmonize your physical and energetic body, creating a deep sense of relaxation, creating relaxation and well-being, but most importantly stimulating your natural self-healing abilities, promoting health on all levels.

Beyond The Light is an energy harmonization center located in Repentigny, Quebec.

Services offered include:

Energy healing ​ in person or remotely

  • Reiki ​

  • LaHoChi

  • LaHoChi of the 13th Octave

  • Clearing and repair of the chakras

  • Aura cleansing and repair

  • Cleansing of Akashic Records

  • Sacred frequencies

  • Planet frequencies


  • Reiki

  • LaHoChi

  • LaHoChi of the 13th Octave

  • Lightarian Angel Links

  • Lightarian Rays

  • Lightarian Reiki

  • Lightarian Clearings

Access Consciousness ®  Session

  • Access Bars®

  • Access Facelift®

  • MTVSS Body Process

  • Correcting Vision

  • Cellular Memories

Emergency Energy Healing


Energy Harmonization


Freedom of mind


Awakening of consciousness

Awakening of consciousness

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