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Johanne Blanchet - Energy Healer

Johanne Blanchet is a being of light, from whom emanates a very tender, penetrating, warm and generous pink light of love.

She is interested in energy work and met Orin and Daben in the early 1980s. Since then she has participated in many other face-to-face and remote learning courses in Canada, the United States and France. She is very interested in Angel Work, Reiki and Lightarian.

From the beginning she has been at the service of those around her, perfecting and deepening her actions and techniques. With Beyond The Light she is now expanding her scope to include anyone who wants to expand their consciousness and experience spiritual development.

She hopes to provide affordable healing treatments and classes, either in person or remotely, because she recognizes the time and financial constraints families face.

Because she loves to learn, she continues to participate in training for professional and personal reasons so that she can better serve you.

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