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Reiki Classes


Reiki is a holistic therapy, a gentle energetic working method, which helps to heal the physical, mental and emotional balance.

Reiki means “Universal Life Force”. This system allows a practitioner to easily channel this loving energy and pour it through a touch of light onto the body. The practice of this technique makes it possible to apply natural vital energy in a systematic treatment that covers all the organs of the body.

Reiki is a therapy that helps relieve pain, fatigue, stress and emotional disorders. It calms the effects of all types of illnesses, both acute and chronic. A treatment can recharge the body's energies and restore mental and emotional clarity as well as concentration. Reiki not only works to rid the body and mind of the symptoms of illness, it also treats the root cause of the ailments. Reiki harmonizes and balances the body, resulting in a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Reiki is a healing art developed in Japan in 1922 by a man named Mikao Usui. After practicing Zen for three years, Usui Sensei - who was seeking enlightenment - completed a 21-day fast on Mount Kurama Yama. It was at the end of this fast that he received enlightenment through the reception of a very powerful spiritual energy. The initiation techniques (Reiju) implemented by Usui awaken and reopen the healing channel inside the practitioner allowing him to transmit the vital force of life.

Reiki level I… “Calling all”

The first level of Reiki is like “a door to a celestial arch” leading the Being towards multiple paths of learning and guiding the Being to its own realization.

Teaching takes place over two consecutive days. The person learns the origin of Reiki, receives four energy transmissions which create an opening, an alignment, a stabilization of the channel and allows this frequency of sacred energy to manifest through the imposition of hands on oneself or for others.

The student will learn the five principles of life and will experiment with the different hand positions to perform during a personal, private and group transmission.

All beings who desire it can receive its sacred teaching, regardless of age, condition and situation.

Reiki level 1 includes: training, 4 initiatory phases, experimentation, practice and delivery of the Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho level I certificate.

Cost: $150.00 CAD

Reiki level II… “Call of the heart”

The second level of Reiki “creates the opening to an invisible world with the aim of learning and understanding the language of the Soul”.

Teaching takes place over two consecutive days.

After having received the first level and having practiced it, the student feels a call from the heart inviting him to perfect his commitment in respecting the sacred art of Reiki.

Reiki II accentuates the first level process... showing faster and deeper results. The person receives a fifth transmission of energy... allowing them to be given full powers of the second level. The student receives three of the ancient sacred symbols allowing him to transmit Reiki energy at a distance, regardless of the place or country where the subject who will receive it is located.

In practice and through the use of sacred symbols he learns how to amplify and increase Reiki energy in his action and how to communicate from Soul to Soul to restore harmony and the free fluidity of the Being.

Reiki level II includes: training, 1 initiatory transmission, experimentation, practice and delivery of the Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho level II certificate.

Cost: $200.00 CAD

Reiki Level III… Mastery Level I… “Call of Consciousness”

The third level of Reiki is “Transformation to…Self-Mastery”.

Perhaps also received as “a movement of personal evolutionary awakening of the Being”.

The student will receive a sixth energy transmission, a fourth ancient sacred symbol and the third level sacred teaching.

The student who wishes to move towards mastery of the sacred teaching of Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho must hold and apply the first and second level in his daily life through daily practice and respect for the sacred art and also apply in his life the five life principles of Reiki.

The third level prepares for mastery allowing the transmission of initiations and the training of students of the first and second level “only”.

During his 6th initiation, the student will receive a fourth ancient sacred symbol and a particularly powerful supply of Light making him sensitive to nature and facilitating contact with his subtle senses.

The initiate in his new role as Reiki Master will develop his capacity, his facility to connect to the heart of the Self, to the center of the heart. Everything that must be transmitted must pass through the heart and be nourished by the Soul which creates a bridge between these two centers where there no longer resides a limit between density and the subtle… there only resides the 'absolute.

Following the third level, the Reiki Master will be authorized to issue certificates which will testify to the training received for the first and second level of Reiki which the title of “level I” Master confers on him.

Reiki at Mastery level I includes: initiatory training, experimentation, practice and award of the Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho level III certificate.

Cost: $250.00 CAD

Reiki level IV… Mastery level II “Call of the Soul”

This 2nd level of Reiki Mastery “Leads to realization and achievement”.

This fourth stage can also be received as “a movement of personal evolutionary awakening of the Being”. As an initiating Reiki Master you will simultaneously receive a greater responsibility, that of growing further and making you grow because “the true Master is not the one who has the most disciples but the one who creates the most Masters”.

The student who chooses to continue towards mastery of the sacred teaching of Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho will receive two attunements, a seventh transmission of energy and a fifth ancient sacred symbol allowing an opening of the subtle channel which nourishes the chakras, which are lotus, in the center of which resides a golden rose. Each of these petals is like a golden ray linked to a quality which will be amplified to bring a new vibration guiding the Master in the making towards an expanded transformation.

The new Master Trainer will be distinguished by his simplicity, his modesty, the joy that will enliven him, his sense of humor, his gratitude, his clarity of mind, his tolerance, his gentleness, his unfailing love of nature, his openness to new knowledge, his attitude of non-judgment and infinite respect for Beings, things and everything that possesses Life.

The new Master initiator must always remain aware that he is at the service of this ancestral sacred art and that he is the guardian of its sacred teaching as transmitted by the lineage of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.

Following this teaching, the Reiki Master Trainer will be authorized to teach levels 1-2-3 and Mastery to Mastery as his title of Reiki Master Trainer confers and to issue certificates at the corresponding teaching level.

Reiki from Mastery to Mastery includes: training, two attunements, an initiatory transfer, experimentation, practice and delivery of the certificate to Reiki Mastery Usui Shiki Ryoho conferring the title of Certified Master.

Cost: $300.00

Reiki Classes

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