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LaHoChi of the 13th Octave

Cost: $40.00 CAD

The LaHoChi of the 13th Octave is a very powerful healing technique transmitted by the imposition of hands which brings a very high frequency of light.

It was Linda Dillon in 2000 who expanded the energy of LaHoChi in her Violet Flame Healing School. By reinforcing the technique using the 13th Octave, many advantages were added:

  • Inner peace

  • Strengthened meridians

  • Reduced stress

  • Union with the divine heart

  • Increased spiritual awareness

  • Anchoring of the universal self and Soul

  • Release of emotional blockages

  • Opening and harmonization of the 13 chakras

  • Activation of unexplored parts of the brain

  • Acceleration of healing

  • Cleansing the lymphatic system

  • Hip balancing

  • Vitalization of organs and glands

  • Visions, for the donor and for the client

The thirteenth Octave allows access to the 7th dimension. It is the key to accessing the memorization of our pure state of perfection, consciousness, knowledge and love. The state we all deserve.

13th Octave LaHoChi treatments can be received in person or remotely. Contact us to make an appointment.

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