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Each individual comes into this incarnation with their own “limiting structure,” defining the boundaries and obstacles of their incarnational experience. This “construction” provides the framework for the various life scenarios we need to experience. Within this "construct", we generate an extremely complex interwoven web, in which limiting programming, restrictive belief structures and the negative physical, mental and emotional energies associated with them are stored. To better understand this “Shadow Web”, imagine that each of us carries a complex tangle of energetic “threads”, originating in the unfavorable programming of the higher chakras. Think of this as a surprisingly complex "biological computer" and imagine how this adverse programming generates these "threads" which then extend vibrationally downward into your lower energy fields. These negative patterns create the inappropriate, restrictive, and debilitating responses in our lives that limit us and prevent us from realizing our true divine potential. Your Higher Self in collaboration with Ascended Master El Morya initiates the liberation process to clear the intertwined web of our limiting programs, restrictive belief structures as well as the negative physical, mental and emotional energies associated with them.

Lightarian Clearing - Client - 1. Life Path

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