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Various forms of unfavorable energies have been given a variety of names such as bonds, cords, connections, psychic attacks, etheric attachments, implants, etheric devices, etc. With the general clearing of the fields and the release of these grosser attachments, the first three levels of Lightarian Clearance work have already removed many layers of unfavorable energies, much like the old proverb "onion skins"! After this degree of release has been accomplished, your Higher Self and the Master El Morya take care of the work of "liberating" attachments and can also access deeper levels of energies to be released... a thinner layer, more subtle “attachment energies” often in the form of thin etheric cords. These energies seem to extend from the outer limits of each of our subtle bodies, connecting and attaching themselves to individuals, objects, and external physical and etheric structures and forms with which we have interacted over the years. Your experience of life will change from being dominated by “unconscious behavior patterns, reactions and addictions”, to being able to make and maintain “fully chosen connections”! As you change and realize yourself out of your "unconscious attachments", you begin to experience being "the choice" in your life. Perhaps to further clarify this point, simply imagine that you are operating in life with a sense of objectivity, accurate assessment, clearer intention, constantly growing, and intentionally "choosing" as you move along of your life path. In this space of “freedom to choose”, you will begin to see a change in your decision making… an ease in making more appropriate choices… choices that seem to magically align you more closely with the energies of your Self Superior. You will discover that life can be happier and more purposeful in your work and play! The transition from a life of “attachments” to a life of “chosen connections” is one of the fundamental outcomes of the Lightarian Clearance process.

Lightarian Clearing - Client - 4. Attachments Removal

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