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Over time, the six Lightarian Clearance initiations gently and completely release negative energy forms... Release restrictive conditioning that contributes to the physical stress felt. Releases deeply rooted blockages at the emotional and mental levels. Releases limiting belief structures and unresolved spiritual issues from the soul. Releases unfavorable patterns coming from collective, family, cultural, ethnic, religious and other influences. Frees unwanted inscriptions, attachments, patterns of behavior and dependencies, a heavy past and future influences. Over time, as unfavorable energies are cleared, different kinds of experiences begin to manifest naturally in your life... The highest expression of your Divine Self presents itself with force, as the accelerated clearance stimulates healing all your subtle bodies and your physical body. You automatically begin to create choices in your daily life that are more and more conscious and less and less based on “automatic” conditioning, dependencies, doubts, fears and pain. Higher vibrational energies can flow more freely through your energy fields, allowing your chakras and subtle bodies to “anchor more in the Light.” Your dormant gifts and talents will surface and your ability to create joy, clarity and abundance in your life will increase. Training and Initiation You can receive Lightarian Clearance initiations as a master/teacher or as a client. Client At each initiation a training manual will be given to you as well as the instructions to prepare you for the initiation. All Lightarian Clearance attunements can be received in person, by telephone, or remotely, as a master/teacher or client.

Lightarian Clearings - Client - All Attunements

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