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Some unwanted energetic conditions are simply the result of misalignment or imbalance between energies that are perfectly fine! So in these cases there is nothing to be eliminated or removed - only the need to realign. The effects of these misalignments and imbalances on individual well-being can be very complex. In an attempt to have a conscious understanding, we know that these adverse impacts can be described in terms of “negative belief structures”. So, imagine that at levels within your lineage, imbalances are created when one layer of your consciousness maintains a "negative belief" of itself. Perhaps, one layer of the Soul experiences a sense of “I am not lovable!” " or a layer of the Great Soul works with the belief "I have been abandoned by Spirit! ” or perhaps a layer of the Higher Self maintains that “I am not worthy!” » The cumulative effects of these unfavorable subtle belief structures will “color, shade and distort” the experience within your spiritual lineage and create misalignments. What happens when these misalignments in my lineage are removed? As adjustments take place through the work of clearance, these apparent unfavorable belief energy structures are dissolved. As imbalances are eliminated in this process, a greater sense of alignment between the levels of your Self is realized and your sense of becoming "more One" with Source is accelerated!

Lightarian Clearing - Master/Teacher - 5. Lineage Clearing

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