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Reiki level II… “Call of the Heart” The second level of Reiki “creates the opening to an invisible world with the aim of learning and understanding the language of the Soul”. Teaching takes place over two consecutive days. After having received the first level and having practiced it, the student feels a call from the heart inviting him to perfect his commitment in respecting the Sacred Art of Reiki. Reiki II accentuates the first level process... showing faster and deeper results. The person receives a fifth transmission of Energy... allowing them to be given full powers of the second level. The student receives three of the ancient Sacred symbols allowing him to transmit Reiki Energy at a distance, regardless of the place or country where the subject who will receive it is located. In practice and through the use of Sacred symbols he learns how to amplify and increase Reiki Energy in his action and how to communicate from Soul to Soul to restore harmony and the free fluidity of the Being. Reiki level II includes: training, 1 initiatory transmission, experimentation, practice and delivery of the Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho level II certificate.

Reiki II Class

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