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Reiki Level III… Mastery Level I… “Call of Consciousness” The third level of Reiki is “Transformation to… Self-Mastery”. Perhaps also received as “a movement of personal evolutionary awakening of the Being”. The student will receive a sixth transmission of Energy, a fourth Sacred Elder symbol and the third level Sacred teaching. The student who wishes to move towards Mastery of the Sacred teaching of Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho must hold and apply the first and second level in his daily life through daily practice and respect for the Sacred Art and also apply in his life the five principles of Reiki Life. The third level prepares for the Masters allowing the transmission of initiations and the training of students of the first and second level “only”. During his 6th initiation, the student will receive a fourth Sacred Ancient symbol and a supply of Light of a very particular strength making him sensitive to nature and facilitating contact with his subtle senses. The initiate in his new role as Reiki Master will develop his capacity, his facility to connect to the heart of the Self, to the center of the heart. Everything that must be transmitted must pass through the heart and be nourished by the Soul which creates a bridge between these two centers where there no longer resides a limit between density and the subtle… there only resides the 'absolute. Following the third level, the Reiki Master will be authorized to issue certificates which will testify to the training received for the first and second level of Reiki, which the title of “level I” Master confers on him. Reiki at Mastery level I includes: initiatory training, experimentation, practice and award of the Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho level III certificate.

Reiki III Class

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