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Reiki level IV… Mastery level II “Call of the Soul” This 2nd level of Reiki Mastery “Leads to realization and outcome”. This fourth stage can also be received as “a movement of personal evolutionary awakening of the Being”. As an initiating Reiki Master you will simultaneously receive a greater responsibility, that of growing further and making you grow because “the true Master is not the one who has the most disciples but the one who creates the most Masters”. The student who chooses to continue towards Mastery of the Sacred teaching of Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho will receive two attunements, a seventh transmission of Energy and a fifth Ancient Sacred symbol allowing an opening of the subtle channel which nourishes the chakras, which are lotus, in the center of which resides a golden rose. Each of these petals is like a golden Ray linked to a quality which will be amplified to bring a new vibration guiding the Master in the making towards an expanded transformation. The new Master Trainer will be distinguished by his simplicity, his modesty, the joy that will enliven him, his sense of humor, his gratitude, his clarity of mind, his tolerance, his gentleness, his unfailing love of nature, his openness to new knowledge, his attitude of non-judgment and infinite respect for Beings, things and everything that possesses Life. The new initiating Master must always remain aware that he is at the service of this Sacred Ancestral Art and that he is the guardian of its Sacred teaching as transmitted by the lineage of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. Following this teaching, the Reiki Master Trainer will be authorized to teach levels 1-2-3 and Mastery to Mastery as his title of Reiki Master Trainer confers and to issue certificates at the corresponding teaching level. Reiki from Mastery to Mastery includes: training, two attunements, an initiatory transfer, experimentation, practice and delivery of the certificate to Reiki Mastery Usui Shiki Ryoho conferring the title of Certified Master.

Reiki IV Class

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