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The Angelic Bond of Archangel Michael focuses on the themes of “non-judgment” and “interaction” in the etheric realms (through telepathy, channeling, conscious etheric travel etc.). Michael was the first Archangel to offer his angelic bond, a symbolic representation of the purest energies of the crown chakra that Michael wishes to infuse into the energy fields of humans. The symbol he uses is the halo! In this case, it is an angelic halo of unique mental purity that facilitates the experience of non-judgment in all areas of your life. It will serve as a symbolic reminder of your connection with Archangel Michael who will serve as your angelic guide into the etheric realms. The Lightarian™ Angelic Connections are transmitted in the form of guided meditation. The induction can be received in person, by telephone or remotely. Immediately after initiation, you will be fully activated and prepared to transmit this angelic connection to others.

Lightarian Angel Links - Archangel Michael Attunement

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