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Archangel Raphael has made himself known to support us with an infusion of “angelic courage” and “divine healing.” The symbol he uses is a “torch of angelic light” to help “light” your path. With Raphael's help, through this angelic connection, you will be able to more easily recognize challenges and obstacles, and you will see more clearly the spiritual opportunities and rewards available to you. As you increase the light on your path in the future, a sense of divine and angelic courageous action will come more naturally to you. The angelic bond of Archangel Raphael will also provide you with support in your healing process. He is known as a “Divine Healer” and he will help you discover the “Divine Healer” within you. The Lightarian™ Angelic Connections are transmitted in the form of guided meditation. The induction can be received in person, by telephone or remotely. Immediately after initiation, you will be fully activated and prepared to transmit this angelic connection to others.

Lightarian Angel Links - Archangel Raphael Attunement

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