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This treatment involves a very gentle energy which spreads through the Aura and rids it of negative energies and thought forms and which repairs the Aura weakened or damaged by years of accumulation of negative thought forms. The aura is the part of our energy that surrounds and protects us. It is our projection towards the outside world. If we want to attract the right people and opportunities, we need a healthy, bright aura full of positive energy and love. Unfortunately, as we age, we collect negative energies in our aura. Negative thought forms, anger, sadness and hatred can reside in our aura and cause our overall energy levels to drop. The result is we push people away from us. Cleansing the aura regularly will help rejuvenate our mind and improve our projection to the outside world. Aura cleansing and repair treatments can be given in person or remotely. Contact us to make an appointment.

Aura Cleaning and Repair

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