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Access Bars is an energy rebalancing process developed by Gary Douglas, aiming to generate cranial relaxation associated with deep relaxation of the body, releasing tensions linked to stress, to different forms of moral suffering (conscious or unconscious) while promoting the disappearance of the imprints left by limiting beliefs, enclosing thoughts, negative judgments, unpleasant disturbing emotions, old memories and repetitive behaviors resulting from them). During the various sequences of the session, the practitioner positions his fingers parallel on 32 points forming 16 energy bars on different cranial areas, linked to different aspects of life (the body, sexuality, money, joy, sadness, creativity, time, space, communication etc...) Stimulated, these energy bars will activate and release all these imprints, giving way to bodily well-being, inner peace, positive emotions, to personal power, creativity, etc?

Access Bars Session

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