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MTVSS: Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System MTVSS is one of the tools of choice for boosting the energy of the immune system and relieving joints, but also for undoing the ways in which our bodies have been altered across all dimensions, realities, spaces and times. MTVSS unlocks unnecessary programming, solidifications, disagreement responses, and all the ways in which the body has been locked down. Fixed points of view go away, especially those linked to the aging process, and fluidity returns. MTVSS is one of Access Consciousness' most dynamic hand opposition tools. It is the tool of choice for undoing almost any dysfunction in the body. This powerful process is intended to eliminate difficulties and all the ways in which you have locked your body or have locked something in your body. MTVSS will eliminate a lot of the difficulties you have with and without your body. MTVSS can be used for everything in the body. MTVSS acts on: the immune system as a boost, a reinforcement and an overall stimulant the joints the respiratory system the electrical system of the body the neuro-central system the digestive system and the intestines the dermo-facial system, i.e. the skin the lymphatic and hormonal system the reproductive system

MTVSS session

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